All new projects we work on at suplest always adhere to following three principles: Premiumness, Swissness and Simplicity. suplest is a small premium cycling shoe company benefiting from short decision-making channels realizing the best solutions. This allows our customers freedom from worrying about the details, so they can enjoy the suplest ride. We follow our motto ‘shoes made by bikers’.

We are

We don’t follow the flow. Everything we do at suplest has a reason and is planed to the detail. Every product with the bear on it has been made to meet the riders’ expectations. As we want to leave traces.

suplest is premium,

and suplest customers
are very demanding.

Our customers don’t select their shoes by chance; they seek for premium products in order to enjoy their passion for cycling. Therefore we select best fabrics and materials for our shoes without compromise.

the Swiss Heritage
is a promise.

Switzerland = Quality. This principle drives the watch industry, medical-, technological industries. At suplest we do our best, so Switzerland is now becoming recognized for premium cycling shoes as well.

We still manage
to keep it simple.

Nobody likes it complicated. More than ever we want you to focus on your ride. We make sure that suplest shoes contain the most important features and are completed with some very nice details as well. Simplicity is not only seen throughout our range, but everywhere you find our logo. As Bruce Lee knew: “Simplicity is the key to brilliance”
suplest was founded in Berne, Switzerland in the year 2007 by Robert Gehrig and Daniel Balmer. Both are shoe loving passionate cyclists. Everything we do is driven by our passion for cycling, with the belief that our shoe experience brings cycling shoes to the next level. We are totally dedicated to our brand trying out new things in our creative lab.
Eddy, the bear is part of suplest. He embodies our roots – the Canton Berne. The bear also stands for strength, will, power and endurance. The only thing we don’t share with our bear is hibernation.

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