Our suplest Tall Shoe Covers by Velotoze are designed for road cycling on cold, rainy or snowy days. Whether it’s race day, training day or just another commute day, our Shoe Covers will keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable.

SIZE: S (37-40) M (40,5-42,5) L (43-46) XL (46,5-49)

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Spec Details

Article no. 05.021

–  Waterproof & windproof to keep your feet warm

–  Lightweight

–  No zippers or Velcro straps

–  Aerodynamic

–  Easy to store in a jersey pocket


Rubber latex


Care Instructions:

To clean shoe covers, wipe with a cool, wet cloth. 

To dry, hang shoe covers over a hanger or ledge or wipe with a dry cloth.

After repeated use, apply talcum or baby powder to inside of shoe cover to prevent sticking.